Is anyone else obsessed with personal development for their business?

Before starting my business, Bamboo Detroit, I never thought I’d be a CEO. I stumbled into entrepreneurship, so I know it can be hard figuring how to launch a new business.

Don’t be deterred! There are a lot of resources to assist. I’ve used a lot of free and low-cost programs in the area to help me elevate my business.

Here are the top ones that I always recommend to others:

  • Inforum Michigan master class and beginning class. This class meets monthly for a year for women entrepreneurs focusing on leadership and business. Cost: Low-cost and scholarships available. Website:
  • 10K Goldman Sachs Small Business Program: This course runs like a “mini M.B.A.” course. It meets 1 day a week with some evenings. I tdoes require a larger time commitment, but ask almost anyone who’s graduated the program and they’ll tell you it is worth it. Cost: Free (but an interview/ application is required). Speakers from top business schools fly in to do some of the sessions. Website:
  • Entrepreneurs Detroit/ EO Detroit Accelerator: This program helps you focus on growing your revenue to get to the $1 Million mark. (At the $1 million mark, you can be part of the regular EO network.) Only 4% of companies reach $1 Million in revenue. The class meets quarterly throughout the year focusing on Strategy, Execution, People and Cash Flow. Cost:  $1,700 for the entire year. Extra special bonus: You get access to some regular EO member events to throughout the year, tapping into a good network. Website:
  • Brazen Detroit. I’m now a part of Brazen Detroit, and DWLN is a partner. Brazen is made up of growth groups and peer to peer support from women entrepreneurs. This is a great way to tap into a local and national network for women entrepreneurs. Cost: $40  month membership fee. Website:

This is not a full list of all resources. There are many great programs in the Detroit area such as Build Institute and FoodLab Detroit. Check out for more resources! 

Entrepreneurship can be an exciting journey. Enjoy the ride and don’t be afraid to try a new route!


Amanda Lewan is Co-founder and CEO of Bamboo, a real estate company that builds collaborative work spaces empowering entrepreneurs. She is also an award-winning writer and entrepreneur who is inspired to create more empathy in the world through art and entrepreneurship.

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